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Welcome to Universal Networks! We are a network sites offering useful services including free Webmaster tools, web design consulting and a Christian portal and customizable start page service.

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Press Pass @ Uninet Press Release (04/23/2001)


Timothy R. Butler

"Improves the functionality of last years' ground breaking release"

ST. PETERS, MISSOURI, USA - Universal Networks launched the first service release for GuestCall 2000 today. GuestCall 2000, the second major release of Universal Networks' guest book, includes many new features such as HTML filtering that prevents problems caused by postings containing incorrect HTML code.
GuestCall 2000 is also much more suited for large web sites than before. With new "multi-page" support, a site with virtually unlimited number of posts can configure GuestCall to divide postings on to multiple smaller pages, similar to how search engines divide results.
GuestCall 2000 SR1 adds a long word splitter to the GuestCall 2000 functionality. This new feature forces long words to be split in two, preventing posters from damaging the page layout with a deformed post.

Universal Networks is a leading provider of open source Perl scripts, offering a suite of easy-to-use open source Perl applications that include technical support at no charge. You can reach Uninet at http://www.uninetsolutions.com or contact@uninetsolutions.com. SOURCE: Universal Networks

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