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Welcome to Uninetsolutions.com!
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Welcome to Universal Networks! We are a network sites offering useful services including free Webmaster tools, web design consulting and a Christian portal and customizable start page service.

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Tools We Use
Things you may (or may not) have been wondering about our site

What kind of server are you using?
The server our site is on is a dual 900 MHz Pentium III server with 1 gig of RAM. It is connected to the Internet via thirteen backbone connections at Network Access Center (NAC).

What server software do you use?
The server operating system we use is RedHat Linux 6.2 based on the Linux 2.4.x-SMP kernel. The server software is the Apache web server version 1.3.26, MySQL 3.x, and numerous Perl and PHP scripts.

What software do you use to develop your site?
We use SuSE Linux 7.1 (Linux 2.4.9 with X11 and KDE 2.2) operating system for our web development workstations. Our other tools include the GIMP 1.2, various GNU Project tools, and a few different text editors (including Kate and Pico). We do not use any WYSIWYG tools for creating our site so that we can achieve the highest level of compatiblity with all modern web browsers.

What CGI scripts do you use?
We use many of our own tools including our free StatsPlus, Go2It!, ReadyForm, GuestCall 2000 and a custom set of registration and downloading scripts. If you're interested in more of the details of our CGI setup, please feel free to contact us at contact@uninetsolutions.com.

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About Us Our Mission
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