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October 5, 2001
Universal Networks Launches Open for Business
Open for Business aims to provide IT workers with information to assist in migrating to open source tools such as Linux and Apache.

April 23, 2001
Uninet Releases GuestCall 2000 SR1
If you look at our history, you can see where we are going. For our entire six year history, Universal Networks has aimed to provide innovative speciality content, and we do not plan on stopping.Go>
In a few words, our mission is to provide the highest quality speciality content possible. Still, there is more to be said on our focus, and you will find it here. Go>
As a Christian owned company, and also as the company that operates FaithTree.com, we feel it is important to make available a summary of our beliefs. We adhere to the Nicene Creed in common with Christians around the world. Go>
statement of faith
If you would like to know what our site runs on or what we used to design it, our tools page should prove most helpful. While certainly not exhaustive, it is a snapshot of our most used tools. Go>

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